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Here's an idea for an art project. I want to construct a hanging metal sign. The support will be a basic pole with an arm on it that I can construct at my forge. The sign I want to be a piece of sheet metal that I've cut holes and lines through to form the Japanese kanji for rain. It will hang from the crossbar of the pole from two supports on either side of the top and will be able to swing forward and backward in the wind. I suppose snow might be more appropriate at this point here in Wisconsin; maybe that will be my second one. Maybe I'll make them interchangeable; that would be kind of neat.

Anyway, I've never done work with sheet metal, or even really thought about it. What's the best way to do that sort of thing? Do you cut out pieces with a torch? What kind or torch would I need? I have a feeling the little propane one I have wouldn't do the trick if I'm using sheet steel. Speaking of what I'm using, what's a good compromise between durability against weathering and expense and ease to work with? I certainly don't mind if it turns colors and begins to rust a bit as long as it stays in one piece for a good long time. Notable signs of weathering would be part of the aesthetic I'm going for anyway.

This just came to mind this morning, and it's not something I've ever really done before, so I thought I'd just throw the idea out and ask for comments, any comments. I'll ask my grandfather too when next I see him since he's been working metal longer than I've been alive and will probably have good ideas, but more perspectives never hurt.


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