Ray716 (ray716) wrote in volundsforge,

Long Time No Post...

Greetings my friends and Fellow Crafts people!

I am sorry i havn't been around that much, but i am very glad to see that the Community has been active! Lets just say that i have had a lot of stuff happening in my life recently that has made it difficult to focus on much of anything at all... I am going to try to get back on track and get back to doing things that i have forgotten about or neglected..

So, on that note... I am currently working on making some Bronze knives as well as some in Titanium... I am thinking of trying Alluminum but i am not sure if i can work harden it enough to get a nice edge or not.. we shall see.. Other notes, through some experimentation and meditation i am starting to see how to weave runes into not only mundain craft work but also making tools and talismens. It's quite exciteing really!

Well, i have probly rambled on long enough..

In Troth,

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