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i'm currently living in SE Texas. i started making knives a year or so ago. i've modified knives though, since i was a kid, to get them the way i wanted them.
most of my knives are made from scrap material, both the blade and the handle. i did buy a stick of welding rod for rivets and on my earliest knives used some small bolts and nuts i had floating around. since then i've added glue for reinforcement to the rivets, i buy the glue. : )

i had a small in ground forge for softening the metal scraps for easier working. hurricane rita screwed that up so i'm back to doing it the hard way with hard metal. come summer i hope to get my little ground forge rebuilt. i was just starting to research heat treatment and tempering and all that but for now will continue to send in my blades to a supply company for heat treating.

the only power tool i use currently is a dremel tool (rotary tool). everything else is completely by hand. it takes some time and there are things that would be a lot easier and more consistent if i had a belt sander and a grinder and so on, eventually i will.

i make small knives. fixed knives, no folders. my smallest is a neck knife which i love dearly and the largest is one of my throwing knives.
i also make the sheaths for the non-throwing knives but i'm not really that much into the leather work so the sheaths are functional but not beautiful.

hope there are other metal workers here i can learn from and other knife workers here i can enthuse with.

oh yeah, the userpic is a lefthanded push knife made from an old gate hinge and a hickory knot. it's isn't useful per se, but it's beautiful to see and to hold.
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