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intresting read on "liquid" metal alloys

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I thought the terminator changed into a helicopter PILOT, not a helicopter... I wounder how many other facts they didn't check. The idea of metallic glass has been around for centuries, in ceramic glazes. The concept of making an actual metal tougher with no grain structure is an interesting one though... might even apply well to glazes.
I stopped following modern developement of 'liquid' metals some years back, mostly since all the test I saw just produced very brittal material. I did think they would be good for hand grenades sine most produced sharp edged fragments.
So does glass though, I think you want lead for the velocity/momentum.. I wounder why they don't have D.U. grenades.. wait maybe they do.
I think the most exciting possibility here is a metal alloy that could be flintknapped. The article didn't specify if the fractures were conchoidal, but it seems possible.
the impresion I got was that the fractures were perpendicular and paralled. Which would yeld shards like temperd safty glass.

although that thought does telegraph to a pondering of how much of a pain in the ass it might be to file and edge on a LMA blade